What Should I Do With My Money?

This is a question we all ask ourselves at some point, whether it is after your first job in high school or getting a big promotion. Unfortunately personal finance is not part of the standard school curriculum. Most of us are forced to learn Money 101 from the school of hard knocks.

Credit cards, saving accounts, stocks, retirement plans, college savings - the universe of investment products is constantly expanding yet financial security still feels out-of-reach to too many people today. When talking to others, lack of trust of the industry and not having enough time are some of the more common reasons why they have a pessimistic outlook. And let’s be honest, reading about interest rates isn’t as appealing as watching Game of Thrones.

In recent years, innovation and technology has transformed fundamental parts of our lives like the how we connect with people and the way we shop. At Aspiration, we believe now is the time to evolve not only how people manage their money but the relationship people have with their financial institution. We want to earn your trust and make your life easier by having transparent fees, using plain language and allowing you to pick your own fee. We want to make accessible to everyone investment products that are typically offered only to the wealthy. Last, but not least, we want to curate and deliver the best investment products in each class so you don’t have to.

We understand change isn’t easy but we believe people deserve better. I am excited about the new products and features we will launch this year, and hope you are too.

If you need any help or have ideas on what we can do better, feel free to contact me at matt@aspiration.com.