Now is not the time to wait, it's the time to act.

The coronavirus crisis has turned the kaleidoscope of our lives. When the pieces settle, they won’t look anything like what they did before. The status quo is over. The old normal is done. There’s a new world being born right before our eyes.

It’s up to us—all of us—to decide whether we learn the lessons of this crisis. As helpless as we all feel right now, the truth is we are paying the price of the failure to confront this pandemic quickly, boldly and decisively.

Like the coronavirus, the climate crisis presents a threat that grows relentlessly with every day of inaction and inadequate actionexcept the threat it poses is even greater to us all. So when it comes to confronting the climate crisis, we need to move beyond short-term thinking and small tinkers. That means now is not the time to wait, it's the time to act.

At Aspiration, we’ve always sought to be the place where you can both save money and save the planet. We’ve done this through our fossil fuel free deposits and investments, our AIM People and Planet scores based on the places you shop, and our Planet Protection service to make your driving carbon neutral.

Earlier this year, we introduced Plant Your Change which plants a climate-change fighting tree with every purchase you make by rounding up your transaction to the nearest dollar.  We’ve seen many thousands of our current customers—and the vast majority of new customers—sign up to commit their pocket change to saving the planet. Now we’re challenging all of our Aspiration community to take action and join them.

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are asking you to step up to help us plant as many trees as possible.

At Aspiration, we’re going to be doing our part to do more as well. Starting today, we’ll be offering our customers cash rewards for planting trees: $5 for the first 30 trees you plant, $10 for the first 100 trees on up to $500 rewards. If you’ve already been part of Plant Your Change, the trees you’ve planted will be counted for these rewards and we’ll be doing our first payouts on April 22nd—Earth Day.

The 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day should be a cause for condemnation, not celebration. Over the last fifty years, we have failed our home and the generations to come. We literally cannot let the next fifty years be like the last fifty when it comes to climate change.

So we won’t. Together, let’s use this current crisis not as an excuse to retreat, but an occasion to rise. Let’s think bigger and be bolder than we have before. There’s a new world being born—and a planet to be saved.

Thank you,
Andrei Cherny

CEO, Aspiration

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