Climate change won't wait

Now that President Trump has decided to withdraw America from emissions targets set by the Paris international climate protection agreement, the question for us is what happens next?

The truth is that it’s less likely than ever that government action alone will keep the planet safe for future generations.

That means it's up to all of us now. And we have the power within our reach to save the planet while making our own lives better at the same time.

Here are 3 things that actually help us both “do well and do good” (as we say at Aspiration):

  • Switch to renewable energy to both make the planet greener and save money on your utility bills. Solar power also employs hundreds of thousands, making good paying jobs for communities around the country.

  • Buy sustainable products that have less of an impact on the environment. From local food to greener cleaning products, these can be better for your wallet and your health.

  • Switch to sustainable banking and investing. Aspiration's Summit Checking account offers AIM, a new way to easily see the environmental (and people) impact of the places where you shop. On the investment side, Aspiration offers 100% fossil fuel free investing with a minimum low enough ($100) anyone can invest to save the planet.

President Trump has made his decision. Now each of us gets to make our own decisions every day. The planet's future hangs in the balance.

Together, let’s do well and do good.