Introducing Two New Ways To Save The Planet

We give Aspiration customers the power to do more with their money every day - for themselves and for the planet. We are thrilled to announce two exciting Aspiration-exclusive ways our customers can help put more of their planet-saving on autopilot.

Plant Your Change™

According to a recent study in the journal Science, planting trees is one of the best things we can do to have a real impact on climate change. Planting trees is not only cost-effective but could, based on the study analysis, remove up to ⅔ of the carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans since the start of the industrial revolution.

Now, Aspiration customers can do their part -- automatically, every day, with every purchase. And together we can plant millions of trees every month.

With our new Plant Your Change feature, you can plant a climate change-fighting tree with purchases on your Aspiration debit card by rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar.

Activate Plant Your Change now and every time you make a purchase, Aspiration will work with partners to plant a tree in locations ranging from Africa to North America-- whether we're rounding up for one cent or 99 cents.

Together, Aspiration customers make millions of purchases. Imagine the forest we’ll plant together just by planting our change!

Planet Protector™

Transportation is the single biggest contributor to climate change (based on the Environmental Protection Agency and the Union of Concerned Scientists) with our personal vehicles such as cars and trucks accounting for most of the negative impact -- a total of one-fifth of U.S. emissions.

We realize that most of us need to use a car at least some of the time, and that’s why we introduced Planet Protection.

Turn on Planet Protection and we’ll automatically offset the carbon emissions every time you use your Aspiration debit card to fuel up.

Here’s how it works: 1) Use your Aspiration debit card at the gas pump, 2) We estimate the carbon emissions from your purchase, and 3) We provide carbon offsets (from verified 3rd party sources) to counter the emissions.

Our carbon offsets are from rigorously verified 3rd party sources. For example, when you gas up with Planet Protection turned on, one of our offset partners puts money towards protecting a part of the Amazon rainforest, helping slow the rate of deforestation in one of the largest carbon-soaking areas in the world.

We believe that every American should be able to create a better future. Plant Your Change and Planet Protection are two of the ways Aspiration customers are protecting the future for themselves and their loved ones -- from helping save more money to ensuring their deposits and spending help the planet to neutralizing the climate impact of their gas purchases.

To learn more, visit our FAQs for Plant Your Change or Planet Protection.