Michael Moore's 'Planet of the Humans' - Setting the Record Straight

We appreciate what the new Michael Moore produced movie 'Planet of the Humans' is doing to shine a light on the issues of how big corporations and the financial industry are helping to fuel climate change. Fighting that is part of why Aspiration exists. Unfortunately, the film’s claims about Aspiration are just factually untrue and miss the mark.

'Planet of the Humans' confuses two different investment funds. Our Aspiration Redwood Fund is, and always has been, 100% fossil fuel free and invests in companies that are industry leaders around their environmental and employee policies. This sustainable fund was the basis for our partnership with the Sierra Club. The independent Fossil Free Funds organization writes that the Aspiration Redwood Fund, “Earns a grade of A for fossil fuel exposure of 0%.” *

The problem is that this documentary is calling out the holdings of a completely separate fund, the Aspiration Flagship Fund, which we never claimed to be “green” in its strategy.

We hope Mr. Moore and the filmmakers will very quickly fix their mistake as every day that goes by more people are being fed false information.

Legal Information: https://blog.aspiration.com/legal-info/