Aspiration’s Vision for a Climate and Nature Positive World

Climate change is the most serious threat humanity has ever faced. However, we are not helpless and we are not hopeless. By coming together and taking bold, timely and aggressive action, we can and will be successful in turning back the crisis.  

To address climate change, we must both reduce our carbon footprint – as individuals, as businesses, and as nations – and remove carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere.

Doing so will not only begin to address climate change, but also build a nature-positive economy that restores and protects natural ecosystems while uplifting people throughout the world -- providing nature-linked jobs, incomes and opportunities beyond what a decarbonization-only strategy can provide.

To that end, Aspiration is formalizing our commitment to be bold with our own goals while also creating tools, technology and financing infrastructure to enable landscape-scale investment in nature.

1. We commit to a 50% carbon intensity reduction target by 2030
Aspiration will achieve a goal of reducing its comprehensive Scopes 1, 2 & 3 emissions intensity (tonne CO2e/$ revenue) 50%, as compared to a 2020 baseline, by or before the end of the decade. We will achieve this by - among other means - purchasing renewable energy, ensuring investments are made with consideration for climate impact, and managing our vendor portfolio to minimize our supply chain carbon intensity.

2. We are net zero today and commit to continuing to be net zero
Waiting to mitigate emissions until decarbonization progress by 2030 is not an option. We are net zero today and plan to maintain net zero. To achieve net zero, we have invested in high quality nature-based carbon credits from projects around the world to help provide a model for investing with both climate and social impact - and importantly, this impact can happen around the world: these investments are in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

3. We commit to enabling both individuals and businesses to take climate action at scale
Not only are we net zero, but we are enablers of nature and planet positive solutions, helping bring finance and investment at scale to natural ecosystems. The Aspiration community has already funded over 70 million trees in just over 2 years. And we are working to enable large scale carbon sequestration. We are doing this in three key ways:

  • We provide corporate partners with access to turnkey nature-based carbon/reforestation programs at scale, forward purchase opportunities, advanced monitoring, project identification and contracting, and automated carbon measurement solutions
  • We have built technology to empower individuals to measure social & environmental impact with their transactions, plant trees with purchases, and automatically address unavoidable emissions from driving
  • We are partnering with a range of organizations to drive visible and impactful collaborative climate leadership. We are active members of Project Drawdown Labs and the Business Alliance for Scaling Climate Solutions and will be engaging with others through additional initiatives such as the Climate Pledge, the B Corp Climate Collective and the Corporate Alliance.

We are optimistic that collaboration between companies and individuals (supported by climate-friendly government policy) can achieve much more than solitary action - and we are building the infrastructure to enable this to happen at scale.

No vision can be successful without exceptional execution. In upcoming posts, we'll provide further details on our sustainability initiatives.