Aspiration Becomes Foundational Investor in Compassionate Carbon to Further Innovation in Nature-Based Projects on the Voluntary Carbon Market

Aspiration and Compassionate Carbon will provide high-quality carbon credits to Aspiration's corporate clients in meeting their net-zero commitments

Aspiration, the leading climate action company with a portfolio of high-impact carbon assets, and Compassionate Carbon, a developer of nature-based solutions focused on restoration and community development, have partnered to build several innovative carbon projects together in an effort to accelerate the reduction and removal of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Launched by Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden), Compassionate Carbon will evaluate potential project sites throughout the Global South to identify an aggregate of 1 million hectares of restoration opportunities that will generate between 100 million and 300 million metric tonnes of high-quality nature-based carbon removal credits.

Following the initial identification of sites targeted for January 2023, Compassionate Carbon and Aspiration will collaborate on the design and development of qualified projects. This crucial partnership will educate, support, and ultimately drive positive climate action with the largest organizations in the world that want to take action and invest in high-quality carbon removal programs with verifiable and lasting co-benefits to local communities and the environment.

"Aspiration shares our values in supporting carbon projects that generate substantive benefits for the local community, regional biodiversity, and global climate," said Bryan Adkins, CEO of Eden and Compassionate Carbon. "Investing in carbon is also investing in people; it's an impact that is both global and personal."

Aspiration believes nature-based restoration projects will become the standard of the growing voluntary carbon trading system. The company is actively partnering with top-tier carbon project developers that are positioned to deliver the highest quality climate impact to businesses, governments, individuals, and institutional investors. As a foundational investor in Compassionate Carbon, Aspiration is committed to creating a thriving carbon market and bolstering its growth as one of the world's largest providers of carbon assets.

"Organizations like Compassionate Carbon are integral to developing a thriving and mature carbon market that delivers tangible carbon solutions, while uplifting the local communities on the frontlines of environmental restoration," said Olivia Albrecht, Aspiration CEO. "Aspiration has a unique role in helping companies reach their carbon emissions goals by connecting projects and developers directly with our corporate partners. Locking arms with highly credible and experienced carbon project development partners, like Compassionate Carbon, is the key to delivering impactful, environmental returns for our clients."

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Aspiration is a high-impact climate finance company working at scale to help enterprises, consumers, and investors achieve their climate goals. Founded in 2013, the company sources, monitors and invests in carbon removal projects across the globe to generate high-quality carbon credits. Every project in Aspiration's portfolio is held to the most rigorous standards, ensuring each drives tangible, positive impact for people and the planet. Aspiration is a certified B Corp, a member of Project Drawdown,, Climate Pledge and many other critical industry groups dedicated to accelerating climate action. For more information, visit or

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