Aspiration and Native Invest in Two Carbon Removal Projects

Aspiration, a leading climate finance company, has joined with project developer Native, a Public Benefit Corporation, on two carbon removal projects: the Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project in Montana and the Patagonia Region Improved Grazing Project in Argentina.

The Northern Great Plains Improved Regenerative Grazing Project aims to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere by implementing sustainable grazing management to improve soil and grassland health on multiple ranches in Montana and parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The Patagonia Region Improved Grazing Project will focus on multiple farms and ranches in Argentina. Local implementation partners will provide access to training, education, and other support to participant ranchers and farmers to create more sustainable long-term land use across the Northern Great Plains and Argentina.

"Our carbon project partners have a shared commitment to carbon removal that positively impacts the climate, the wildlife and the communities," said Olivia Albrecht, CEO of Aspiration. "We are proud to invest with Native to bring these projects to fruition."

Both Native projects seek to restore the respective ecosystems to improve their ability to sustain abundant and diverse species and livelihoods. To accomplish this, the projects are designed to mimic natural grazing practices of herd animals. Smaller pastures will be grazed with higher livestock densities followed by longer periods of rest which increases both plant productivity and soil carbon inputs relative to baseline conditions.

"Partnerships like the one we've developed with Aspiration are key to expanding our work not only to combat climate change, but also to improve the lives of farmers and the communities we reach," according to Jeff Bernicke, CEO, Native. "We're thrilled to take this step toward net positive climate action with Aspiration."

Introducing practices to improve soil health support the sequestration of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere into the soil. They can also help relieve pressure on waterways and allow native species to regenerate. The impact of these projects will grow over time as more ranchers and landowners join the program, with the Patagonia project projected to ultimately generate roughly 620,000 metric tonnes of carbon removals annually over 500,000 hectares of land.

About Aspiration

Aspiration is a high-impact climate finance company working at scale to help enterprises, consumers, and investors achieve their climate goals. Founded in 2013, the company sources, monitors and invests in carbon removal projects across the globe to generate high-quality carbon credits. Every project in Aspiration's portfolio is held to the most rigorous standards, ensuring each drives tangible, positive impacts for people and the planet. Aspiration is a Certified B Corp, a member of Project Drawdown,, Climate Pledge, and many other critical industry groups dedicated to accelerating climate action. For more information, visit or

About Native, a Public Benefit Corporation

Native, a Public Benefit Corporation, works to catalyze meaningful climate action that is community-led and landscape-scale, at a pace and scale necessary to preserve and restore ecosystems and livelihoods around the world. Native focuses on climate actions that face barriers and brings over twenty years of experience implementing clean drinking water, on-farm methane capture, community solar, avoided grassland conversion and regenerative grazing projects in collaboration with local partners and experts.

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