101 Million Trees Planted — and Growing

We're thrilled to share that we've reached an incredible milestone: in partnership with the remarkable force that is Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden), we've planted a whopping 101,000,000+ trees across Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Honduras, and the Philippines.

You read that correctly: over 101 million. This isn't just a tree-planting success, it's a feat of landscape restoration. We're not just sticking saplings in the ground, we're reviving entire ecosystems and supporting local communities through employment opportunities.

Aspiration x Eden: A Pivotal Partnership for People and Planet

With Aspiration’s support, Eden is restoring over 83,000 hectares of critical habitats around the globe, from tropical forests to Afromontane ecosystems and coastal wetlands through mangrove restoration. We are proud to be one of their largest funding partners and to work towards a more livable future through tree planting.

Because of our collaboration with Eden, not only is Aspiration helping to restore entire ecosystems — we’re also providing a vital source of income for local communities in areas where employment opportunities can be limited. On average, over 1,400 people are employed at Aspiration-funded sites each month working as seedling or propagule planters, site monitors, nursery caretakers, and seed collectors.

Our work isn’t done once the saplings are in the ground. As Andrew Kinzer, Eden’s Africa Area Director, perfectly put it on a recent site visit, we are “not just planting trees, but growing trees…People always think of tree planting as a one-time event, but in fact, we are restoring an entire ecosystem, which takes time, dedication, and resources to do well.”

What this means is that we're not just letting the saplings fend for themselves. In addition to the monitoring and verification Eden does, we also monitor their progress with a combination of annual site visits and remote monitoring through GIS tools and satellite imagery. We track forest growth, health, and carbon biomass, and detect any threats to the habitat, ensuring that our efforts are not in vain.

Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, the work continues.

This is more than just a tree-planting mission. We're talking about combating climate change, creating jobs, and preserving ecosystems all in one fell swoop. And we're not stopping with 101 million trees — we're committed to continuing to grow a thriving future through tree planting, with the ambitious goal of planting one billion trees by 2030. That's a billion more trees restoring degraded landscapes, a billion more trees providing vital habitats, a billion more trees creating jobs.

Thanks to our historic partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects — and our community of enterprise, business, and consumer customers — the world is not only seeing the growth of 101 million trees, but a powerful movement for a flourishing, vibrant future.

Tracy Bain is the Senior Director of Carbon Program Monitoring and Engagement at Aspiration. With a scientific background and experience in the nonprofit, research, and philanthropy sector, she is a sustainability leader with 15+ years in the environmental and social impact space, specializing in habitat and wildlife conservation, restoration science, and more. She graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and earned her Master’s degree in Conservation Biology from Sonoma State University.