Take 5 Minutes Today to Move $100 from Dirty into Green Investing

We know that you’re thinking about ways you can make a real difference today.

So let’s talk about something more and more people are doing - and that can make a big difference: using your money as a way to make change happen.

We’ve seen just recently how moving money can make a big difference to corporate practices -- Wells Fargo took back millions in pay from top executives who were involved in fake account creation after organizations and consumers switched away from Wells Fargo.

So, you’ll actually make a difference if you start investing in companies that are more environmentally and socially responsible.

But here’s what’s even better.

A recent study shows that money invested in higher sustainability companies would have grown more than if it had been put into lower sustainability companies (source: Mo Khan, George Serafeim & Aaron Yoon. Corporate Sustainability: First Evidence on Materiality. HBS working paper, 2014).

That’s great news for anyone who’s thinking about investing to help save the planet. And it's why Aspiration has a 100% fossil fuel free investing option that many thousands are adopting.

So, today, won’t you take a few minutes and put at least $100 into green investing?

Andrei Cherny

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